Independent mountain walking holidays in the Eastern Rhodopes

Mountain walking holiday at Melanya

Flexible | independent | spectacular

A mountain walking holiday at Melanya gives our guests a good selection of easy strolls and advanced hikes. The tracks and paths in the mountains offer gentle meandering climbs through ancient villages and forests while more experienced mountain walkers have the option of leaving the beaten track to explore the acres of rugged terrain surrounding the house.

Your day can be as simple as picking a peak and heading for it. Guests with mountaineering or climbing experience will discover a good selection of challenges within walking distance of 'base camp' together with the opportunity to take a trip by Land Rover to higher peaks for some stunning views.

One of the favourable aspects of a mountain walking holiday at Melanya is the intimacy of the Rhodope Mountain range itself. This intimacy is reflected by the vast array of animals, birds and plants that all thrive in this environmental reserve. Walkers who tread lightly will be rewarded with sightings of deer, wild boar and rare birds of prey. Many travel to the Rhodopes for birdwatching holidays in the mountains.

Our walks are marked and mapped via gps

All of our walks are marked at sensible intervals and detailed maps are available in both digital (with gps tracking) and printed formats.

Unlike the vast open spaces of the Alps or similar large ranges of mountains, the intricate folds of the Eastern Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria deliver a new panorama every hour or sometimes every few minutes.

Independent walking holidays at Melanya are certainly a great way to get away from the crowds and hustle and bustle of busy western life. For those who don’t wish to be part of a coach load of strangers, Melanya Mountain Retreat is the ideal option.


Living in the mountains 365 days a year has been an education. Work and leisure are always more enjoyable when using the right equipment. That's why we choose Jack Wolfskin.

If your suitcase is bulging, we have a few items here that you're welcome to use.

  • Melanya walking support

    Land Rover assistance

    Some of our longer walks, such as Devil's Bridge can be a challenge in the summer heat. We can drop you half way and pick you up on request. At any time during a hike, when you've had enough or the weather changes, we're ready to get you.