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There are numerous reasons to seek a relaxing getaway. Modern lifestyles often lack real peace and quiet or offer western versions of 'play time' that sometimes result in subliminal stress when pursuing your chosen activity. Modern life is busy, stressful and consuming.

A break at Melanya Mountain Retreat delivers true relaxation to it's guests. Once safely nestled in your private accommodation, you can be free of every single distraction. We can make sure that your kitchen is fully stocked and will provide a home cooked evening meal using locally sourced organic produce. Your holiday in the mountains will be an environmentally friendly, green holiday and helps support sustainable tourism for the region.

Our aim during your stay at Melanya Mountain Retreat is to free your mind of anything other than positive experiences... no stress, no responsibilties, no worries.

Mountain getaway

Melanya mehana - view of the Rhodopes

Living in harmony with the seasons, village life in Lyubino hasn't changed for centuries. The people that inhabit the villages in the mountains do so because that is the way of life they have chosen. Success, no matter how trivial is heartily celebrated and every hardship is overcome with a smile, a cheer and a glass of rakia. Nazdrave.

Most holidays are simply a relaxing break...
However a stay at Melanya has, for some, been a life changing experience.

Rhodope wild deer

Our neighbours are truly beautiful

Being surrounded by nature and wild animals instantly produces intrigue and calm. Our retreat is located in a massive nature reserve that is considered the most biodiverse region in Europe.