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Mountain life in Lyubino is a time capsule of a quality that is rarely found in the modern world.

On arriving at Melanya, the true benefits of the location at Lyubino are obvious. Panoramic views across the Rhodope Mountains deliver a number of choices for local walks, excursions, adrenaline fuelled biking and kayaking or simply relaxing in the garden with a long cool drink. Life is good in the mountains.

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Melanya Mountain Retreat holidays are immersed in mountain living

Once in the mountains, a whole new way of life unfolds before you. Life hasn't changed for centuries. Basic requirements are the focus of mountain folk. Warmth, shelter, food and water are the key aspects of mountain life, nothing is taken for granted and nothing is ever wasted. The people in Lyubino and the neighbouring mountain villages are friendly and hospitable and their graciousness and generosity never ceases to amaze.

Quality of life in the mountains

The lovely people in our village choose to live in the mountains because that's the way of life they prefer. Many have the means to upgrade to western facilities or move closer to town for easy access to local ameneties but they choose to stay in Lyubino. This spirit is carried by all the mountain folk in the region. A sense of belonging, a sense of realisation that although measured by western standards they may appear very poor, they are actually some of the richest communities in Europe. Clean air, fresh water, organic produce and free range animals complete this rich life style that is at one with every intricacy of the environment.

Much of the produce available to our guests at Melanya comes from the village. Organic vegetables from the garden, fresh milk everyday, free range eggs, yogurt and cheese made by our neighbours and some of the highest quality meat products you have ever tasted... In June and July villagers gather wild mushrooms, in September they harvest wild berries and walnuts. Life in the mountains is rich indeed.

Your mountain holiday at Melanya delivers all of this natural richness coupled with modern western facilities in your private, self contained accommodation. If requested, your kitchen will be stocked with local produce including meat, vegetables, bread and cheese together with locally made wine and rakia. We cater for vegetarians and vegans and offer a dynamic and imaginative menu for those who don't wish to consume animal products.

Your hosts at Melanya are committed to the continuation of the sustainable life style in the Rhodope Mountains and whenever possible actively support the local community. Your stay in the mountains is a contribution to the sustainable tourism model that we have strived to perfect in Lyubino.

Come and enjoy life in the mountains...

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